57th CADDO CONFERENCE, March 27-28, 2015 in Arkadelphia, Arkansas
Final Schedule of Events
The Caddo Conference is an annual conference bringing together researchers, Caddo Indians, and people interested in Caddo language, history, and the archaeology of the Caddo Area in Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, and Oklahoma. This year the conference will be hosted by the Arkansas Archeological Survey and Henderson State University. A special Saturday afternoon session featuring Caddo culture, language studies, and dances will be open to teachers and the public. Questions: Dr. Mary Beth Trubitt, Arkansas Archeological Survey, HSU Box H-7841, 1100 Henderson St., Arkadelphia, AR, 71999-0001, e- mail mtrubit@uark.edu, telephone 870-230-5510.

The Arkansas Archeological Survey is launching a new website, "Arkansas Novaculite: A Virtual Comparative Collection."The website url is: http://arkarcheology.uark.edu/novaculite/index.html

The website describes and illustrates novaculite from the Ouachita Mountains as an important resource that was chipped into stone tools by Indians in the past, and is manufactured into whetstones today. This website is intended to be an educational resource for people interested in Arkansas history, archeology, and Indians of Arkansas, as well as a research tool for archeologists who need to identify novaculite from archeological sites. Highlights of the website include an interactive map and high-quality photographs that show the range of novaculite colors and textures.

This project is supported in part by a grant from the Arkansas Humanities Council and the National Endowment for the Humanities.

The Arkansas Archeological Survey is a unit of the University of Arkansas System.

For further information, contact:
Dr. Mary Beth Trubitt
Arkansas Archeological Survey
Henderson State University Research Station
1100 Henderson St., Box H-7841
Arkadelphia, AR 71999-0001

The purpose of the Caddo Conference Organization shall be:

  • to promote and to stimulate interest in the archeology, history, and ethnology of the Caddo archeological region (southwestern Arkansas, northwestern Louisiana, southeastern Oklahoma, and northeastern Texas) and adjacent areas

  • to enhance communication among people (researchers, Caddo Nation of Oklahoma members, others) interested in furthering knowledge of the archeology, history, and ethnology of the Caddo Area

  • to convey this knowledge to the public at large

    to publish and to encourage publication

  • to advocate for, and assist in, the preservation and conservation of archeological data and resources relating to Caddo Area studies or sacred to the Caddo people.

Caddo Conference Organization
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